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City Events Group only buys the highest quality equipment and maintains it in top condition.
High Output Projectors
Large venues require larger screens and projectors. At City Events Group we can provide with up to 24,000 lumens of projection using our Sanyo XF1000 projectors. Using a high output professional projects such as these allow us to use larger screens and/or overcome rooms with high ambient light.
Professional Projectors
Five to seven thousand lumen professional projectors allow the image quality and lensing options required for professional level banquet and meeting room events. These projectors can be set to project from behind the screen or hung from the ceiling to keep them out of the way.
Meeting Projectors
If you’re looking for something simple to take to your own meeting we also have a fleet of 2,500 lumen portable projectors.
Draped Screens
Screens with drapery kits (Aka – Fast Fold Screens) come in sizes from 6’x8’ up to 15’x20’. The screens, when draped ad that professional touch to your event. The screens can also be flown (i.e. hung from the ceiling) or set without drapery to give different effects.
Cradle Screens
We have 10’ and 12’ cradle screens. A cradle screen is great when you need a large image on a tight budget. They get the job done and don’t cost much. A cradle screen is a tripod screen that got too large for the tripod. Cradle screens will not fit in your SUV. Your need access to a full size van if you want to pick it up or we can deliver.
Tripod Screens
Tripod screens are the classic screens we all think of when some mentions projection. They come in 6’ and 8’ lengths.
LCD Monitors
LCD monitors make great signage for events and trade shows. They also serve well to provide greater visability of the main presentation if your venue has some areas of obstructed visability or overflow. We have LCD monitors with diagonol screen sizes from 40” to 65” inches.
Professional Audio Systems
Important events need good audio. There’s nothing that can reduce the effectiveness of your event more than if people can’t hear. That is why, for important events, we always recommend using a professional audio system. A professional audio system is custom tailored to your event to ensure everyone can here. Proper signal processing equipment is used to greatly enhance the clarity and presence of the sound field.
Portable Audio Systems
Need a small sound system you can set up by yourself? Then look no further than our Sound Projections amplified speakers. Each speaker has built in wireless microphones and inputs for your iPod or other audio source. The unit can sit on the ground, a table or a tripod stand. Use one or a second can be added on to the first if you need more sound. Great for small presentations or events up to 200 people.
If you need to rise above the crowd we can do that too! Stage Right portable staging platforms allows us to build the stage you need. Two feet or four feet high, any size, any shape, flat or tiered.
We provide professional wood grain lecturns.
City Events Group